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Why PHP | Elevated – For Sellers

Whether it’s an attorney or a financial advisor, you expect any professional services firm that you hire to deliver insight and expertise.   You should not expect less from the firm that you hire to market and sell your real estate investments.     When you hire PHP-Elevated, we develop a customized marketing plan for your property deploying some of the industry’s most cutting edge techniques.


Just like a person, property listings have one chance to make a good first impression which why professional photography stands behind every PHP Elevated listing   We use the best photographers and videographers in the area and customize our digital strategy to fit the key selling points of a property.  When appropriate, we employ techniques such as aerial photography and videography  to capture exceptional natural settings, 3D video tours to provide prospective a virtual walk through of a home, and 3D floor plan renderings for unique and architecturally complex properties.  We work with our clients to develop a strategy that best presents the key selling attributes of the property to attract targeted buyers.


We personally prepare homes for every showing.  We recognize that walking into a cold dark house is not how to make a good first impression.    Prior to every showing we make sure that lights are on, updated marketing materials are present and organized, and the environment and condition of the home is inviting.  Many of our Sellers are not present year-round, and we endeavor to be responsible stewards in their absence and alert homeowners to condition issues that require attention.


Listing announcement emails blasts are sent to an extensive list of brokers, including the PalmerHouse network of over 2000 agents in key buyers’ markets in Georgia and Florida.   Social media push programs through Facebook and Instagram are used to maximize visibility of your listing to both brokers and prospective buyers.  Our broad digital push programs ensure that your listing will quickly appear on the following:,,, Instagram, Facebook and the corporate PalmerHouse website (


We utilize multiple print media venues including regional publications such as the Laurel Magazine, the Real Estate Buyers Guide, and local newspapers to frequently rotate listings and maximize exposure.   High Quality property brochures greet prospective buyers in all homes and are valued as takeaways and reminders of favorite listings. 


We believe that selling a home is a partnership with the homeowners and that feedback from showings should be a part of a learning process that helps us constantly refine our marketing strategy.   Some clients like us to share feedback after every showing and others like less frequent updates.   Regardless of the frequency of communication, our goal is to probe for insights and lessons learned that will help us to adapt our marketing strategy and refine how we optimally present the property.